Distorted Faggot (Pédale de Distortion)

I come from another planet
In an another galaxy
A world of sissies
Called heaven
My mission on Earth:
With my magic handbag
I will set you free you from this hell
For the anarcho-faggot-cracy

Distorted faggot, On the walls I write your name
Blow up revolution, Lick my ass straight oppressors

The only guys I can stand
Fuck me in the ass but don’t fuck up my brain
Hard straight men
I shall destroy without mercy
When they are staring at chicks,
Being rude, making dirty jokes,
I take my magic wand and “Hoccus poccus !!”
They are kissing and shagging each other


When the bomb drops
When the fury dies out
We will all be free
And we will live in peace at last
But until then, we’re at war
In the fires of hell
Straight oppressors will burn
And pay for their sins!

Don’t Integrate 

I don’t speak to straights anymore
Since two of them gave birth to me.
They took me to this horrible world
Although I didn’t ask for anything.
I had to endure everything,
Above all, not get myself noticed.
They spit at their wives in society,
And still I should be the one hiding?

Don’t Integrate , Disintegrate
Don’t Integrate , Disintegrate
Don’t Integrate , Oh no  no no

And this gay rights activist,
Who goes to the gay pride for his normality,
Who is looking for straight appraisal
Making a good impression on the straights,
Never will he speak in my name
We are not on the same side
Breeds breeds  normality

Love is the armless child
Asking for chocolate
If you love chocolate
Beware, beware…


I am the queen of the popstars
I’ve got a banana inside my head
The more it sucks, the more it works
The more it sucks, the more it sells

I have no use for my brain
I sold it to a science lab
They keep it in a jar to study it
It overturned their theories
They picked a banana as a substitute
It made sense to them
Free from this load
I started a career in the music industry


I got around
My problems with mobility
When my head hits the concrete
I hear a new song
I don’t give a fuck about what people say
I just strip and pump up the volume
My life is a disgrace
And it is broadcast on TV


I sold my sould to the capital
For very cheap
My body is the only profitable thing I have left
Before it gets too damaged
I will videotape my own death
And broadcast it on the web
Make an exhibition of my pain
So that France can have a boner


I spew on you
You midget, Scumbag, Dickhead
I spit on you
You piece of shit, miscarriage, tadpole
Your father is a faggot,
Your mother votes conservative
The world is going to end soon
You are all going to die

I put some GHB in your corn flakes
Let me take you to Disney Land
And leave you, pain in the ass, in the roller coaster
Glue is not enough, have some LSD

I will piss in
 your baby bottle
Respect autority
You stupid cunt
I bought a riot shotgun
For your education
It’s much more effective that football
For your submission

I took my paternity leave
To go sunbathing to Ibiza
I got you  just for cruising
Gays just can’t get enough of my daddy cool style

Stop whining
To your mother
Or I’ll shoot you
With my taser gun
I’d rather you beg
In front of gay bars and clubs
Meanwhile in the darkroom
I get  fist fucked

I videotaped your redfish suffocating
I’ll play it on the telly, that’ll be your cartoon
Make some Nike shoes for me while I am fucking
Glue is not Enough, have some acid

Adolf Hitler, Napoleon and Attila
Mao Tsetung, Stalin, pol pot and Che Guevara
Can’t you see? I’m more educated than you
Can’t you see? I’m more educated than you

Infanticide, pedo-phobia,
Infanticide, pedo-phobia,
Infanticide !!!!!!!!!!!


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